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Your Dentist in Tijuana 

If you need a dentist near the border?  Clinica Deladent is located 5 minuts  from San Ysidro.

In Clinica Deladent we provide more than  a simply dental treatment in tijuana.  Clinica Deladent is visited by thousands of American and Canadian patients.  Our dental clinic is committed to emphasieze a patient's education to prevent disease and  provide treatment options.

Clinica Deladent provides preventive, restorative, cosmetic and emergency dental care.


Clinica Deladent provides the best  specialties. Is a dentist in tijuana for all kind of treatments such as Maxilofacial Surgereon, Ortodontist, Endodontist, Periodontitis, just to mention a few.

Clinica Deladent is always focused in offering you the best service, we work with the best Tijuana Advanced Dentistry, starting with cosmetic Dentistry.


All of our treatments are based on "metal-free" restorations, that means that our treatments will blend your natural teeth or even beter.

Clinica Deladent thinks of you and  your oral care needs, we make dental practice an affordable dental care to achieve the best results.

We provide the best, safe and efficient Dentist in Tijuana.  We have  the best  dental prices.

 Your smile and yours satisfaction is what most matters to us.


Living near to Tijuana border?

Clinica Deladent is located 5 minutes from the U.S. border, Clinica Deladent offers all dental specialties in one place this allows us to save our patients time and money.

Why is DelaDent an affordable Dentist in Tijuana? 

We not only offer quality dental treatments, we also have the best advanced dental technology such as; EMAX crown same day.

Tijuana Best palce for

Medical Travelers

For medical travelers that are looking for quality dental care. 

Why choose a mexican dentist?

If you are looking for dental work in Mexico, we offer Top Dentists in Tijuana, you can also visit our dental office. With us you save 60 to 75% compared to U.S. and Canadian prices.

We are located not only next to the border, we also have Marriot Fairfield hotel next to our door, and just 2 blocks away from Hotel Lucerna. 

We also offer an enormous variety of gastronomics options being located in Zona Rio just a few minutes from the border.


Dr. Juana Martinez
Endodontist / General Dentistry

Dr. Carlos Ponte

Implantologist / Endodontist
General Dentistry

Dr. Olivia Batemarco

Endodontist / General Dentistry


Reviews from Our Patients

Love this dental office!  Dr. Daniela and Dr. Roberto are the best!

I needed to have two implants done and the cost here was so significantly lower here than in the states.  The office is extremely clean and the staff is very professional.  I never felt uncomfortable about choosing to have this done in Mexico.


Best office in Tijuana! They were on time with my scheduled appointment. offered bottle water and friendly smiles. The doctor did a amazing job with my teeth. Wonderful experience and they validate your parking. I highly recommend this office and work team ! very pleased.

Extremely satisfied with the services provided. My mother has several health conditions and they were precautious and caring. Pain management was on point as well! I would definitely recommend a friend to go here.

I have gone to the office twice now for cleaning and a root canal, and both times the staff has been incredibly friendly and seemed to take very seriously my healthcare. The place is very clean and comfortable and they have their own parking. 
Thank you Doctor!




Clínica Dela Dent

Blvd. Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada #875-14

Zona Urbana, Tijuana Río

Tijuana, Baja California, México

Office Hours

Mon-Fri  10:30am - 6:00pm

Saturday 10:30am - 5:00pm


 We are located next to

 Marriot Fairfield inn Tijuana